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About Ben

A native New Orleanian, Ben Lorio’s involvement in music began during his childhood. “I noticed that I could hear sounds as colors, so it only made sense that I should be an engineer. For me, each mix is like painting a picture with sound.” Ben went on to graduate from Loyola University of New Orleans with a degree in Music Industry Studies and from Full Sail University in the Recording Arts with an Associates Degree.

Ben’s career began when he became the Chief Engineer and Co-owner of What Noise?! Studios, a recording studio specializing in the recording and production of the up-and-coming rock acts in New Orleans. In 2008 he brought his engineering talents to The Music Shed Studios. There he worked with many of the stalwarts of the diverse New Orleans music community, including Trombone Shorty, Jason Marsalis, Meschiya Lake, and Chris Thomas King while simultaneously making records with many of the city’s rock and indie artists, such as Theresa Andersson, MyNameIsJohnMichael, The Revivalist, and Rotary Downs.


In 2013 Ben recorded three songs on Andrew Duhon’s The Moorings, an album that was Grammy-nominated for “Best Engineered Album.” While working at the Music Shed, he was a member of the team. There he remotely mixed/recorded live-streamed, full HD concerts. From 2009 through 2010, Ben served as the engineer for the nationally syndicated public radio show American Routes where he board-operated the studio segments and recorded remote live performances. Starting in 2012, he helped to launch and engineer the podcast GO NOLA Radio, a bimonthly podcast for the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation.


In 2014 Ben created BELOw Productions, his own free lance engineering and record production company. The first two projects under the BELOw banner were the co-production Dirt by world pop music artist Nasimiyu and the production duties on New Orleans electro-trombonist Saint Bell’s album Cold, Cold Wind.

Throughout the years, Ben has fostered a unique balance between science and art with a heavy emphasis on client satisfaction. Establishing and maintaining a positive and accessible creative atmosphere is a top priority when working with his clients. “My biggest thing is that if the artist isn’t comfortable and relaxed, if the vibe just isn’t right, then I’m failing.”

Whatever an artist’s vision may be, Ben utilizes the best of both analog and digital technology to individually tailor each project and create a unique sound that resonates with depth and character. Having worked with world-class musicians from a wide range of genres as well as first-timers, Ben provides a comfortable and professional atmosphere to bring out the best sound from any musician.


"[Ben's] ideas, openness to collaboration in all realms, and knowledge of past, current, and future musical trends makes his production skills both valuable and accessible!"​

Kathryn Rose Wood - Songwriter/Musician

"This is definitely the most aesthetically enjoyabl studio I have ever worked in!"

                                           The Young Sisters

"Thank you for everything. Loved the studio"​               Sonny DiPerri -Producer

"Ben Lorio, is one of my favorite engineers to work with for many reasons. He's always on top of any technical  problem that may occur in the studio, and solves it very quick. Ben is also a drummer so he knows how to get some of the best drum sounds in a short amount of time. And last, if I hear a drum edit that needs to be made in the play back I say " Hey Ben " and he cuts me off and says " I got it already, Doug" ... He knows exactly what I like sound wise and performance wise. When Ben is running the session, I'm already relaxed. "

Doug Belote , New Orleans - Studio Drummer

A Word from Dave Cooley


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